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Red String Evil Eye Thread Kabbalah Blessed Bracelet With 5 Judaica Pendants

$14 $14.00

This is precious red evil eye bracelet from the Rachel's tomb! very good for protection and against the evil eye. 

This version includes 5 different judaica pendants:

Hand Hamsas, Tree of life,Star of David, Livehood key

Now we offer you the new collection! Thick thread, Fits for any hand size!
Very comfortable and beautiful on the wrist.

* Prevents bad luck and evil eye
* Fits to adult and children
* High quality
* Blessed and stamped in Rachel's tomb
* Includes certificate of authenticity

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Any of our silver pendants & silver chains is plated with rhodium layer - to prevent it from blackening

Package Includes:
Silver Pendant 
Silver Chain 
Chain Length - Per your selection
Certificate Of Authenticity
Gift Box




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