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Silver 925 King Solomon Charm Social Harmony Amulet Talisman Kabbalah pendant Pendant & Chain

$73 $73.00

This is one of the known Social Harmony seals.  We bring it for you on a beautiful and precious sterling silver 925 pendant.

This seal contains the names of the angels who can help to create new friendships and partnership relations, strengthen existing relations and create a harmonious relationship with others. The seal has the power to direct the person to the path which brings support and understanding of the world.

Every buyer gets as a gift: 18" sterling silver chain, certificate of authenticity, and a fancy box as a gift.

Every buyer gets also special sterling silver anti-tarnish cleaning cloth!

If you interesting in longer chain (20" or 22"), please note it to me and I'll add it for you!

Free shipping!  We ship it safe and quick.

Pendant diameter witout the loop: 23 mm  / Loop size 12 mm

Kabbalistic amulet code which facilitates the attainment of wisdom, the development of intuition and foresight. The basis of the origin of the mascot - a legend about a magical book of secret esoteric knowledge owned by the angel Raziel and subsequently transmitted to Adam, Noah, Moses, the kings David and Solomon to the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.

Any of our silver pendants & silver chains is plated with rhodium layer - to prevent it from blackening

Package Includes:
Silver Pendant 
Silver Chain 
Chain Length - Per your selection
Certificate Of Authenticity
Gift Box




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