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Silver 925 This Too Shall Pass King Solomon Kabbalah Spinning THICK Israel Ring

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This is sterling silver 925 King Solomon Kabbalah thick spinning ring, one of our best sellers!

From the outside of the ring bears the phrase: "It will pass." On the inside: "And this too shall pass."

There once was a wise King Solomon. But in spite of his wisdom, his life was not calm. And King Solomon once turned for advice to the court with a request to the sage, "Help me - very much in this life can bring me out of myself. I strongly susceptible to the passions, and it bothers me very much! "What sage replied," I know how to help you. Put on this ring - it bears the phrase: "It will pass!" When you suffer intense anger or intense joy, look at this link, and it will sober you. In this you can find salvation from the passions! ". As time went on, Solomon followed the advice of the Sage and found peace of mind. But the moment has come, and one day, as usual, looked at the ring, he did not calm down, and vice versa - even more out of his mind. He tore the ring from his finger and would zashvyrnut it away in the pond, but he noticed that on the inner side of the ring there was some kind of inscription. He looked closer and read: "And this too shall pass ..."

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